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Urban innovations and citizen experience
Our mission is to transform spaces for anyone into spaces for everyone creating meaningful day-to-day experiences, and enhance quality of life
What we do
Research and analytics
We provide deep insights into how behavioral patterns, spatial structure, physical realm, social background and other factors define personal interactions with urban spaces
We analyze global trends, benchmark best practices and use interdisciplinary toolkit to develop strategies, that convert hidden assets to competitive advantages
Service design
Every city, area or building can be seen as a set of interconnected services. We help to design service ecosystem that creates meaningful experience for every visitor across the whole journey
We build trustworthy relations between different stakeholders by developing communications, that helps to speak everyone the same language
Performance and impact analysis
We identify key indicators, that can measure success of your initiatives and assess the impact they have within spatial, social, economic and cultural dimensions
Who we work for
Who we are
We are an interdisciplinary team of experts in urban research, planning, environmental psychology, financial modeling, service design and communications, who are passionate about implementing human-centered approach in designing urban environment and leverage cutting-edge tools to do so
Innopolis is the first city, at least in Russia, that is being designed with a service model at heart
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